“Fade Away” 4 Steps Treatment For Dark Spots & Acne

“Fade Away” 4 Steps Treatment For Dark Spots & Acne

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Faded Away 4 steps treatment is for dark spots and acne prone skin.

Included: 4 oz bottle of “Black Soap & Tumeric Cleanser” to wash away the dirt and oil that’s clogging the pores causing acne while working to fade dark spots simultaneously.

2oz bottle of “Hydrosol Rose Toner” to treat acne, hydrate skin & soften skin. 

2oz bottle of “Dark Spot Remover Serum” to help fade dark spots & fight acne.

4oz jar of dark spot remover scrub to exfoliate the outer layer of skin while fading the dark spots simultaneously allowing new skin to come through lighter with less visible dark spots with every use. This scrub is the extra boost you will need to receive best results.

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Inventory Last Updated: Jun 16, 2024